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Ryan Clement 


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About Ryan Clement


My name is Ryan Clement I’m a hip hop artist, singer and music producer that lives in Burbank California, lately I have been promoting myself as Ryan Clement, my real name although my rap name is Rival or Riveechi because I’m Italian. Earlier this month I finished the greatest 28 track double album since 2 Pac’s All Eyes On Me double album. I’m the best independent rapper, singer and music producer on the planet right now and I have 28 mastered songs to back it up. I make more sense and explain more in 2 bars then other rappers do in a whole song. I produced more then half of my double album “True To This”, I wrote all 28 songs & produced 25 of them, multi-platinum music producer Meech Wells produced 2 songs on my new double album including one of my singles called "We Can Party" and the 2nd song is called "Kids Hugs Love". Meech is well known as Snoop Doggs favorite hip hop producer, I met Meech Wells in 1999 while he was working on Snoop Doggs “The Last Meal” album, Meech produced 6 songs on that album.

I was introduced to Meech Wells by our mutual friend Ilion Don while Snoop was in the sound booth recording at Meech’s studio. I guess Snoop passed on some sick beats that day because after Meech heard me freestyle and listened to a few of my songs, he was like “Rival you got something, I want to work with you or whatever” the next thing I know Meech starts playing some ridiculously tight beats, after listening for a minute I knew that I wanted to work with Meech, since I produce most of my own music it was cool to switch up my style and do some real west coast music for a change. Meech and I kept in touch over the years, especially since I mastered most of his mix tapes. Fast forward to 2014 Meech Wells called me to master his new mix tape and I was like when are we going to work together. I didn't forget about you Rival, when are you available? Meech said. I was like how about tonight I will text you the address to my studio. Tomorrow night would be better! Meech said. I wanted to show Meech that I was as dope as Ilion said I was. Last year Meech and I got together and worked for 3 straight nights at my studio in Burbank and we came out of the studio with two new songs one called "We Can Party" and the other called "Kids Hugs Love".


I Started rapping when I was 10 years old because one day my babysitter was listening to too short and I happen to take a listen, from that day on I was obsessed with rap music. I also taught myself how to play keyboard when I was in 4th grade, I received a cheap Casio keyboard for Christmas the same year I started rapping. When I was in sixth grade I started writing lyrics in bars while I was in class. By the time I was in high school I started producing my own music using an old SP12 drum machine, when I was a freshman in high school I also recorded myself using a four track digital minidisc recorder. I have also had my rap name Riveechi since I was in high school, my close friends have been calling me Riveechi for years. While I was in high school I worked as a sound engineer at a recording studio in Glendale called Graphic Sound Arts, I recorded and mixed clients using a pro tools 24 system in exchange for free studio time. By the time I was a junior in high school I was a really good recording and mixing engineer, I decided to build my own top of the line digital recording and mixing studio. When I was 18 years old I bought a Pro tools Digi 001 system which was the first professional home recording interface on the market, before I had pro tools the only studios that existed were analog recording studios, you had to be old or rich to have an analog recording studio. I pride myself on having the first digital pro tools recording and mixing software and interface which was pro enough to create rad sounding recordings and mixes in 1998. I got all my clients together and started recording and mixing everybody in my room, that’s when I quit working at Graphic Sound Arts. I used my SP12 drum machine, Trinity keyboard and Digi 001 pro tools recording system.


I started producing and rapping with a group called Universal Kings who I met while performing at Project Blowed in South Central. I was only 18 when I started producing this dope group of rappers from South Central Los Angeles, their names are King Tridat, King G.I., & King Amen-ran. From 1998 to 2005 I spent a lot of time in South Central Los Angeles! I would meet cut throat cats on the corner or at the liquor store in South Central and I would give them beats. While I was in South Central I hooked people up with beats, production and recording software, if someone I met in South Central didn’t have a computer I would build them one, I gave the aspiring rappers and wannabe producers in South Central a chance to make their own music. In 1998 soon after meeting the Universal Kings I produced and sung the hook on a local hit called “The Prowler” which I created with King Tridat, we performed The Prowler everywhere including skating rings and hip hop clubs like Project Blowed. It wasn’t long before I created a South Central Los Angeles hip hop compilation album called ADIL Another Day In Life. I looked for the best rappers in South Central to produce and add to my compilation including Universal Kings, a rapper named Chin Checca & a rapper named ilion Don from N.Y.
When I was a senior in high school and 19 Years old I met an investor while on my senior high school trip to Mexico after I graduated. I met two men that wrote me a business check for $10,000 which I used to start my own record label called ADIL Records. When I got home from my senior trip I got straight down to business, the first thing that I did was order 4,000 professionally manufactured CD’s, 500 T-shirts & 10,000 flyers. When I was 19 and a senior in high school I used my moms computer to learn html & taught myself how to build my own websites using nothing but notepad. It wasn’t long before I had everybody that was on my compilation selling our CDs in south-central, busy grocery stores, mini malls and Universal City Walk. I made at least $200 a day selling our compilation in South Central and at Universal City Walk, until the Sheriff’s started taking my bag full of CD’s all the time, the cops told me if they see me selling my CD at City Walk they were going to arrest me. After that I spent all my time on the computer and leaned everything that I could about marketing music online. Since I became an expert on selling independent music Online, I used the Internet to sell our last $1,000 CD’S at www.ryanclementmusic.com, I have had that domain since I was a senior in high school.
After I graduated from high school I founded my own company called Mix Makers LLC. When I was only 19 years old I utilized a brand new concept called online pay per click advertising with a company called Overture! I started with $400 that I received from combining my birthday and Christmas money together and opened an Overture online advertising account. I opened my pay per click advertising account right after Overture the first pay per click advertising company opened so I was on the forefront of new advertising technology when I was only 19 years old. I started by publishing helpful music industry information for independent artists and bands like myself which turned into a music industry contacts directory that I manufactured on CD-ROM in my moms living room. I called my company Mix Makers, I also started selling the hip hop and R&B beats that I produced in my low budget recording studio I had built in my room when I was 16 years old. I then used my Overture pay per click Advertising account and expensive software to track which key words or phrases sold my product for the least amount of money, it’s now called (cost per conversion) or (CA) so I can get the best (return on investment) or (ROI) overtime I optimized my advertising accounts and increased my bid amounts for each of my profitable keyword/phrases.

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Ryan Clement

In 2001 Yahoo bought Overture And that’s when my s*** got serious, overtime my product line grew which now consists of my music contacts directory called All Music Industry Contacts which I sell at a plethora of websites all linked together that I called the matrix, my main website being www.allmusicindustrycontacts.com. I sell music industry contracts, non-exclusive hip hop & R&B instrumentals, my own hip hop album, a book that I wrote called “Internet Entrepreneur” and a whole line of music marketing e-Books, for example! how to start a record label, artist or band marketing, SoundCloud.com music marketing, ReverbNation.com music marketing, myspace.com music marketing and Facebook.com music marketing, etc. If you Google A&R my website www.arcontacts.com is on the first page in the Google organic search results.
In 2005 I had one of my songs called “Its All Love” placed in a movie produced by Quentin Tarantino staring Johnny Knoxville and Juliette Lewis called Daltry Calhoun, I also rapped in 3 Magnetix Toy Commercials and a Nickelodeon commercial. I was so good at marketing independence music online that I got the attention of Bill Armstrong and Joe Sib the founders of the most successful independent rock record label in the world called Side One Dummy Records, in 2005 I was hired as an online music marketing consultant by Bill Armstrong and Joe Sib. As the music marketing consultant I worked directly with the CEO’s of Side One Dummy Records, I coached the owners of Side One Dummy Records on how to get more out of their online music marketing campaigns? The online music marketing topics that I covered included social networking, fan mailing lists, band WebPages in organic search listings, popular playlists and overall band webpage functionality.
I used my real name when promoting my new double album because I’m already recognized/famous for my real name In and around Hollywood, that’s the name I sign on my bar and club tabs when I tip waitresses and bartenders over 100%. I spent so much money From 2006 to 2011 in bars and clubs that surprisingly the hot waitresses, bartender’s and club owners spread the word about me. After I spent years and years exploiting myself and spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on bottle service every night. I became recognized for being a young, talented and wealthy businessman from Burbank CA, it didn’t hurt that I would valet my 2005 Bentley Arnage’ at all the bars and clubs in and around Hollywood CA. I knew what I was doing, people wer naturally generous. All the girls in and around Hollywood would talk about me, they all knew my real name and some girls would even take pictures of me! That’s when I went viral in 2009 when in less then a week my song called “All My Days” received Over 10,000 plays on my MySpace.com music page which was ranked high if you search Ryan Clement.

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I was producing, writing and recording my own music since I was in high school been able to invest in my own companies manufacture and sell successful selling my music online although I would not have had the means to do it if I didn't hustle.

On the upside I get to do what I want creatively, the thing I'm concerned about is competing with the Majors and Mini Majors that have unlimited resources to take chances and risk hundreds of thousands of dollars with no actual guarantee that your music or video will be played.

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