Ryan Clement AKA. Riveechi "True To

This" 28 Track Double Album

818 459 2004

Email: riveechi@gmail.com

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Ryan Clement COntact Info

Phone: 818 459 2004


Ryan Clement

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Ryan Clement



How and when did you get started in the Music Industry?

I started out writing lyrics and playing a cheap casio keyboard when I was . www.audio-cd- mastering.com

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818 459 2004

Email: riveechi@gmail.com


Exectutive Producer "(Ryan CLement

AKA. Riveechi)", Co-Producer "Meech



I wrote and produced most of the songs myself because I play keyboard except "Kids Hugs Love" "We Could Party" and "Take Me Home" They were produced by Meech Wells, Snoop Doggs Favorite Music Producer. I liked a beat Meech Produced on a song called "Issues" on Snoops The Last Meal Album and used my music industry contacts to get a hold of him years ago. We became friends because I started Mixing and Mastering his Mix Tapes that feature a lot of Major Artists. He got Snoop Dogg to take a picture for the cover of my product All Music Industry Contacts in 2007 and it boosted my sales a lot. Snoops Manager told me to take it off in early 2011 because he was on my website and contacted me saying that he wanted 25% of sales. I took it down but I'm about to put the cover back up because Meech told me on Thurs. fuck his manager, Snoop did it for me. It will be up again by next week at www.allmusicindustrycontacts.com. We are number 1 on Yahoo if you search Music Manager and number four if you search Music Industry. I stopped advertising on Google and Yahoo because my pages rank high in the organic search results and I have enough loyal Mastering customers. Rappers and Music Producers call me Rival and my friends call me Riveechi.